Partner Infosession 2023

Analyze millions of Jira issues with eazyBI
04-17, 16:00–16:15 (US/Pacific), Venus

Analyzing large Jira projects with millions of issues is a challenge. How to handle even the largest datasets with the latest eazyBI technological improvements for Cloud and Data Center? Discover best practices for optimizing your Jira data for analysis and report performance.

Raimonds Simanovskis is the founder and CEO of eazyBI – a leading business intelligence application for creating reports, charts, and dashboards for Jira, Confluence, and other sources. With a background in business and software development, Raimonds has a strong "enterprise software development" history. He is a skilled Ruby and JavaScript developer, an active open-source contributor, and an advocate for Agile software development and the open data movement. Raimonds leads his company with a focus on bootstrapping and controlled growth and promotes remote work.