Partner Infosession 2023

Seibert Media is working for James Cameron? - Onboarding the cast of Titanic.
04-17, 15:35–15:50 (US/Pacific), Mars

Imagine Seibert Media is creating a plan to onboard the cast for James Cameron's Titanic sequel. They will use Jira apps such as, Awesome Custom Fields, and AutoPage, along with Confluence apps like Properties, Karma, and Checklists to create a step-by-step itinerary. This plan will be used for the upcoming movie that will start shooting soon.

Jamale has been in the Atlassian ecosystem thriving for success for the past three years. His background started as an EAM at At&t with the biggest companies in the U.S. market. After his time at At&t, he decided to follow in his family's footsteps and join the U.S. Army. Jamale garnered commendations, medals, and an honorable discharge after completing his time. Jamale entered the ecosystem as an SM/Head of Partners. Finding and helping users with limitations and little capabilities with customization inside Jira & Confluence apps on the marketplace by key, discovery with use case pain points, creating and building solutions. Tailoring partnership relationships to fit the partner's customer profile and managing existing partnerships, acting as a central point of contact for a partner and customer needing support. Jamale's role was to connect with the partner's internal teams (sales, customer success, marketing, legal, product, and engineering) to optimize joint selling and marketing strategies for driving revenue.

Jamale's career role now is Sales / Sales Development at Seibert Media. Helping our customers tackle complex problems, uncovering new insights on the easiest way to implement SAFe in Jira. Develop commercial strategies to renew and achieve new business, and build meaningful client relationships with our EV teams.