Partner Infosession 2023

Build Better, Together: Timesheets and Structure by Tempo
04-17, 16:00–16:15 (US/Pacific), Mars

Learn how two of Tempo's products work together to help teams build better with a demo of the Timesheets and Structure integration.

Nick is a senior solutions engineer at ALM Works. He helps new customers quickly get Structure up and running, and he makes sure existing customers take full advantage of Structure's features. He works to tailor solutions to their businesses, so Structure fits the way they work – not the other way around.

Nick has experience in several types of Agile processes and a background in development. His experience as a software developer, scrum master, and manager gives him insight into each rung of the corporate ladder. No matter your role, process, or industry, he can help you get more out of your Jira data.

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