Partner Infosession 2023

From Chaos to Clarity: How to Build Powerful Product Hubs with Confluence
04-17, 14:10–14:25 (US/Pacific), Venus

Learn to transform Confluence into a powerful product hub in this talk by Anshuman Dash. Discover strategies to organize content and implement team processes for better collaboration. Calm your information chaos with Confluence and ensure success for your team and customers.

Product leader at K15t focusing of product strategy for the Scroll apps portfolio that are used by thousands of customers around the world to unleash the potential of their products with Confluence. Driven by his desire to solve problems and his fondness for technology, Anshuman can be found navigating through his path of professional self-discovery building apps for the Atlassian ecosystem, and in the process looking for new avenues for creative expression.

When he is not burning his brain cells over the next big feature to build, Anshuman can be found drinking espresso, thinking about drinking espresso, and writing some poetry every now and then.