Partner Infosession 2023

How to run better meetings with the help of Confluence
04-17, 15:35–15:50 (US/Pacific), Venus

We all want better meetings, but if you're using Confluence, you might have the exact tool you need to banish bad meetings forever.'s Carlotta Kuhn and Ashley Flanagan will show you five simple ways to keep your meetings efficient, productive, and collaborative.

Since she was young, Carlotta Kuhn has been interested in exploring how people connect with one another. Her background in psychology helps her understand individuals' needs for social connections in the workplace. She has a passion for helping people work together and assisting them in becoming more efficient in their day-to-day tasks. As a Community Engagement Coordinator for she uses those interests to help Atlassian users collaborate through visualization, via informational videos and assisting people in the Atlassian community.

As's Technical Pre-Sales Engineer, Ashley Flanagan is one of the team's most expert diagrammers. In her role, she helps customers discover the all the ways that's diagrams and whiteboards can solve their problems. She is also one of the first "friendly faces" that customers meet when they interact with the app, so it's perfect that Ashley has years of sales experience to go with her warm and inviting personality.