Partner Infosession 2023

Welcome and Opening Keynote: Q&A with Anu Bharadwaj
04-17, 10:50–11:20 (US/Pacific), Mars

Join us for a keynote session with Anu Bharadwaj, the President of Atlassian, as she is interviewed by Seibert Media’s CEO Martin Seibert. The session's theme is "Impossible Alone," highlighting the need for coordinated autonomy rather than standardization in team collaboration. Anu will discuss how digitization can empower businesses to become software businesses, leading to massive opportunities despite economic uncertainty.

Meet Martin Seibert, CEO of Seibert Media, an entrepreneur passionate about promoting collaborative and autonomous teams to increase productivity and output in organizations. Martin strongly advocates for conscious capitalism and believes in empowering employees to drive business success.

With his industry experience since 1996, Martin firmly believes in the power of teamwork and collaboration. He is committed to providing organizations with the necessary tools and resources to streamline their processes and achieve their goals.

To learn more about Martin and his work, you can visit

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Anu Bharadwaj is the President of Atlassian, focused on bringing Product, Business, Design and Engineering teams closer together to deliver innovative products that customers love while supercharging the growth of Atlassian’s businesses.

As an accomplished executive with nearly 20 years of experience in leading transformations and building billion-dollar businesses for high-growth startups and enterprises, Anu brings deep expertise across Product, Operations, and Engineering to help teams deliver customer-focused growth. As COO of Atlassian, she was responsible for scaling a distributed workforce in 13 countries while leading Atlassian’s SaaS transformation, building the Cloud enterprise business, and scaling cloud platform teams. Before Atlassian, she held various leadership roles at Microsoft, and launched multiple products for the Visual Studio ALM team.

Anu is deeply passionate about growing diverse teams and making the world a better place through technology and effective philanthropy. She serves on the board of Outsystems, advises young and emerging companies (Snyk, Xembly) and is part of the Operator Collective venture fund that pioneered the collective venture model to empower diverse founders.