• General Atlassian topics
  • draw.io - Diagramming
  • Agile Hive - Scaling Agile with Jira
  • Linchpin - Confluence-based Intranet
  • Keynote
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Room 1
Room 2
Keynote - The future of collaboration in your team / The digital workplace / How agile scales through your whole organization (Martin Seibert, Sebastian Martini, Adil Nasri, Jan Kuntscher)
"Jay's world" - How Jay Simons (Atlassian, President) shaped the Atlassian journey (Jay Simons, Sebastian Martini, Martin Seibert)
Introducing Linchpin Cloud - Creating a rock star intranet with Atlassian Confluence in the Cloud (Adil Nasri)
Agile Hive - Scaling SAFe in large enterprises with Atlassian Jira and Confluence (Jan Kuntscher)
Why your Intranet should be based on Atlassian Confluence - Linchpin Intranet (Alisa Tietz, Martin Seibert)
State of the nation for Linchpin Intranets - Facts, Figures & Roadmap (Sebastian Martini)
Aura in Atlassian Confluence - Transform boring pages into beautiful organized content (Jan Kuntscher)
Migrations from Gliffy to draw.io for better diagrams in Atlassian Confluence (Diana Schweitzer)
The onboarding of users in draw.io - the self-service tutorial (Bastian Schmitt)
Good Form Design: Collecting Better Data in Jira (Simon Herd, Simon Herd)
The future of work: How Atlassian Software can shape your transition to scaling agile and establish a digital workplace (Dominic Price)
Collaboration with Jira, Confluence and Trello - How we do it at Atlassian (Sherif Mansour)
Atlassian Data Center - How Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket perform at scale (Alison Huselid)
Analytics - Look behind the scenes of Atlassian Confluence with Viewtracker (Stefan Ernst)
Thinking Beyond Attachments: Document Libraries for Atlassian Confluence (Anshuman Dash)

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