• General Atlassian topics
  • draw.io - Diagramming
  • Agile Hive - Scaling Agile with Jira
  • Linchpin - Confluence-based Intranet
  • Keynote
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Keynote - The future of collaboration in your team / The digital workplace / How agile scales through your whole organization (Martin Seibert, Sebastian Martini, Adil Nasri, Jan Kuntscher)
The future of work: How Atlassian Software can shape your transition to scaling agile and establish a digital workplace (Dominic Price)
Collaboration with Jira, Confluence and Trello - How we do it at Atlassian (Sherif Mansour)
Introducing Linchpin Cloud - Creating a rock star intranet with Atlassian Confluence in the Cloud (Adil Nasri)
Agile Hive - Scaling SAFe in large enterprises with Atlassian Jira and Confluence (Jan Kuntscher)
State of the nation for Linchpin Intranets - Facts, Figures & Roadmap (Sebastian Martini)
Aura in Atlassian Confluence - Transform boring pages into beautiful organized content (Jan Kuntscher)
Why your Intranet should be based on Atlassian Confluence - Linchpin Intranet (Alisa Tietz, Martin Seibert)
Taking Control of Content Creation in Confluence with the Blueprint Creator (Adil Nasri)
The "Draw" Game - The top players, fast movers and key use cases in the diagramming category (Miles Faulkner)
Thinking Beyond Attachments: Document Libraries for Atlassian Confluence (Anshuman Dash)
Analytics - Look behind the scenes of Atlassian Confluence with Viewtracker (Stefan Ernst)
Authenticating Linchpin users with OpenId Connect (Jon Espen Ingvaldsen, PhD)
Influx - Candidate Management (Samsoor Hemat)
Signal vs Noise in Atlassian Applications (Boris Berenberg)
End Exhell with Excellentable for Confluence (Jaclyn M. Mazzarella, Karthik Sriram)
Deliver What Matters, When It Matters (with Jira) (Jeremy Stark)
How to keep your Confluence fast and clutter-free with ScriptRunner (Andre Serrano, Teddy Finn)
Migrations from Gliffy to draw.io for better diagrams in Atlassian Confluence (Diana Schweitzer)
The onboarding of users in draw.io - the self-service tutorial (Bastian Schmitt)
Document Management in a Confluence-Based Intranet (Simon Gatto)
SSO in Atlassian Tools: Best Practices for User Management in Confluence-Intranets and for scaling agile with SAFe in Atlassian Jira (Björn Döhler)
Fresh Intranet Designs with Atlassian Confluence (Constance Hua, René Müller)
Effective project tracking with Profields for Jira (Flora Rubio)
Scaling Agile in the Atlassian Ecosystem: Overview of possibilities and advantages of a flexible (Steve Elliott)

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