Constance Hua

Constance Hua has joined kreuzwerker GmbH in 2017 in the Atlassian Team. Since then, she has worked on many different projects including procurement management on Jira, process improvement, many intranets on different platforms and many more. Previously enrolled in a 6-month heavy project involving Atlassian and Salesforce at NEOFI Solutions, she has built there a project management system as well as a support module on Service Desk, a quoting and invoicing system on Salesforce and has helped the development team to settle into the Atlassian suite.

Constance has worked in France, Australia, Lebanon and now in Germany. She comes from a communication and event management background and has made her way to the IT world by improving processes in every company she has ever worked for.



Fresh Intranet Designs with Atlassian Confluence
Constance Hua, René Müller

We will show how modern Intranet designs can improve user experience and drive adoption rate.

Linchpin - Confluence-based Intranet
Room 2