“"Jay's world" - How Jay Simons (Atlassian, President) shaped the Atlassian journey” Jay Simons, Sebastian Martini, Martin Seibert · Presentation (15 minutes)

An interview with Jay Simons the prominent and well known iconic leader from San Francisco who build Atlassian together with Mike and Scott. Sebastian and Martin will interview him about his journey with Atlassian and the achievements that stand out from his point of view.

“Agile Hive - Scaling SAFe in large enterprises with Atlassian Jira and Confluence” Jan Kuntscher · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Scaling agile is hard. Lots of companies have failed trying to implement SAFe. Agile Hive is an easy to use and straight forward all in one solution for Atlassian Jira and Confluence that allows your organization to scale your agile practice with SAFe by the book.

“Analytics - Look behind the scenes of Atlassian Confluence with Viewtracker” Stefan Ernst · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

In this talk you‘ll learn about the basics of tracking in Confluence. Bitvoodoo’s Viewtracker gives you new perspectives: What contents are relevant to your readers? Which pages are popular, which pages aren't? Look behind the scenes with Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence.

“Atlassian Data Center - How Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket perform at scale” Alison Huselid · Presentation (15 minutes)

Alison is Head of Product, Server and Data Center at Atlassian. In her talk we'll learn about the current positioning of Atlassian in the Enterprise market for self-hosted business software at scale, the mid-term and long-term strategy of Atlassian with Datacenter

“Aura in Atlassian Confluence - Transform boring pages into beautiful organized content” Jan Kuntscher · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Aura is an app for Confluence which introduces an intuitive suite of content macros transforming boring pages into beautiful organized content.

“Authenticating Linchpin users with OpenId Connect” Jon Espen Ingvaldsen, PhD · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Have you ever visited a web site where you got the option to log in with Google? Did notice that the login forms also asked for your consent to export your personal data? This is OpenID Connect (OIDC) in action. This talk will show how OIDC can be put to practice in Linchpin.

“Collaboration with Jira, Confluence and Trello - How we do it at Atlassian” Sherif Mansour · Presentation (15 minutes)

Sherif is a seasoned Atlassian employee with a lot of experience of collaboration at Atlassian. He has seen the most part of the phenomenal growth of this company happen during his time there. We'll hear from his collaboration experiences first hand in this talk.

“Deliver What Matters, When It Matters (with Jira)” Jeremy Stark · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

When will we see value from our investment? Leadership asks you some form of this question nearly every day. In this presentation, we’ll show you how to use Jira to satisfy leadership’s need to know using a simple process and the right tooling.

“Document Management in a Confluence-Based Intranet” Simon Gatto · Use Case Presentation (15 minutes)

Your intranet is only as good as the quality of the documents within it. Join Comalatech's COO, Simon Gatto, as he shows you how to go beyond just writing documents and start managing them with reviews and approvals.

“Effective project tracking with Profields for Jira” Flora Rubio · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Working in an Enterprise organization as a Manager, Project lead and Jira Administrator can be really challenging to track and monitor Jira projects.
We have taken Profields to the next level for tracking projects in a similar way you can track issues in Jira.

“End Exhell with Excellentable for Confluence” Jaclyn M. Mazzarella, Karthik Sriram · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Everyone appreciates creating a spreadsheet to crunch numbers and data. But what happens when you need to share it? That’s when the ExHell begins. Excellentable is an Atlassian Confluence App that allows spreadsheets to be fully functional, dynamic, and interactive.

“Fresh Intranet Designs with Atlassian Confluence” Constance Hua, René Müller · Presentation (15 minutes)

We will show how modern Intranet designs can improve user experience and drive adoption rate.

“Good Form Design: Collecting Better Data in Jira” Simon Herd, Simon Herd · Presentation (15 minutes)

They’re not sexy. They’re not fun. But forms are the name of the game when it comes to collecting structured data. This session will examine four use cases to demonstrate how teams have designed forms to collect better data in Jira.

“How to keep your Confluence fast and clutter-free with ScriptRunner” Andre Serrano, Teddy Finn · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Old and non-relevant content in your Confluence instance can cause a lot of problems. In this talk we will show you a few simple ways in which you can use ScriptRunner to automate your Confluence cleaning routine and keep your content fresh and your instance healthy.

“Influx - Candidate Management” Samsoor Hemat · Use Case Presentation (15 minutes)

Candidate Management requires a complex structure, which maps responsibilities and associated permission structures with the required multilevel decision-making process. Multiple departments need to be involved and provided with information. Influx - is the solution needed.

“Introducing Linchpin Cloud - Creating a rock star intranet with Atlassian Confluence in the Cloud” Adil Nasri · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Be among the first potential users to discover the cloud version of our successful social intranet solution Linchpin.

“Keynote - The future of collaboration in your team / The digital workplace / How agile scales through your whole organization” Martin Seibert, Sebastian Martini, Adil Nasri, Jan Kuntscher · Presentation (15 minutes)

Our vision for the work of tomorrow. Not just warm words but proven software solutions that you can look at during Atlassian Summit that will change the way you collaborate, visualize and scale agile in your organization. Allow us to introduce a digital workplace with Atlassian.

“Maximizing your interaction with the Atlassian Online Community and Community Events” Fabian Lopez · Presentation (15 minutes)

As we always say "It is always better together" and within the Atlassian Ecosystem that statement has real value and it is right on target. I believe that Atlassian team members, users and partners could collaborate to truly unleash the power of each team member.

“Migrations from Gliffy to draw.io for better diagrams in Atlassian Confluence” Diana Schweitzer · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

What we have learnt from hundreds of customers who switched from Gliffy to draw.io diagrams in Atlassian Confluence and how you can try it risk free and complete it easily yourself. An easy and proven way to deploy a better diagramming solution for less money in Confluence.

“SSO in Atlassian Tools: Best Practices for User Management in Confluence-Intranets and for scaling agile with SAFe in Atlassian Jira” Björn Döhler · Use Case Presentation (15 minutes)

Passwords are an easy target for attackers. We enable organizations to manage complex User environments, minimize risk and increase usability. Discover Best Practices with our SAML SSO, User Deactivator and User Directory Sync in Atlassian Software like Jira and Confluence.

“Scaling Agile in the Atlassian Ecosystem: Overview of possibilities and advantages of a flexible” Steve Elliott · Presentation (15 minutes)

Steve is probably the most prominent expert for scaling Agile in the Atlassian ecosystem. He is the founder of Agile Craft which has been aquired by Atlassian in 2019. His product is now the scaling agile flagship product called Jira Align. Steve will share his insights with us.

“Signal vs Noise in Atlassian Applications” Boris Berenberg · Use Case Presentation (15 minutes)

We talk about the various types of email that a Jira and Confluence user receives, and what can be done to improve the quality and reduce the quantity of these notifications.

“State of the nation for Linchpin Intranets - Facts, Figures & Roadmap” Sebastian Martini · Presentation (15 minutes)

Linchpin Intranets are among the most powerful and versatile enhancements of Atlassian Confluence in the whole ecosystem. Linchpin for Atlassian-based Intranets and Extranets is a 8 digit business. Learn all facts, achievements and our roadmap for 2020 from our COO.

“Taking Control of Content Creation in Confluence with the Blueprint Creator” Adil Nasri · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

In Confluence, content is created by different teams in various fields and contrasting skills. When there is no obvious structure the result is often overwhelming. Let's take a look at simplifying content creation and unifying page structures.

“The "Draw" Game - The top players, fast movers and key use cases in the diagramming category” Miles Faulkner · Presentation (15 minutes)

This will be the most recent of our category presentations which leverages our MARs (Marketplace Analytics Research service). It will feature a full 12 months history with views of instances, growth, top 10 players and key use cases (if there is time)

“The future of work: How Atlassian Software can shape your transition to scaling agile and establish a digital workplace” Dominic Price · Presentation (15 minutes)

Dominic Price will show us the role of Atlassian Software in a digital transformation journey for small and big companies. He'll share his insights working and speaking on behalf of Atlassian.

“The onboarding of users in draw.io - the self-service tutorial” Bastian Schmitt · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Onboarding new users to software can be tricky. Most of the time this means investing time to onboard people personally. Or even worse, try to work through the documentation and try to understand the software yourself. But there is an easier way, learn draw.io within draw.io.

“Thinking Beyond Attachments: Document Libraries for Atlassian Confluence” Anshuman Dash · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Document libraries, like those similar to 'Sharepoint sites', are an integral part of document management systems. But traditionally, this concept of a 'document library' hasn't existed in Confluence, which is why users gravitate towards attachments as an alternative – until now.

“Why your Intranet should be based on Atlassian Confluence - Linchpin Intranet” Alisa Tietz, Martin Seibert · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Learn how Linchpin Intranet Suite will turn Atlassian Confluence into an attractive and fully personalized social Intranet with a native employee app that includes news, microblogs, all profiles and all Confluence pages and even works with servers behind the firewall seamlessly.

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