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Event Center Salon A
Event Center Salon B
Time is an investment - not a cost center. How Tempo can help you see the value of your time. (Eygló Myrra Óskarsdóttir)
You can judge a book by its cover - The Linchpin Bundle (Daniel Roller)
Managing Project at Scale with Structure for Jira and Structure.Gantt (Eugene Sokhransky)
Rebuilding an app from scratch - The all-new Linchpin Events (Daniel Roller)
Linchpin Strategy and Roadmap (Reda Chatar)
From cookbooks to interactive process description (Christina Schantin)
Learning from the best: Best practices from Atlassian partners for projects and offers to maximize Atlassian customers' value (Martin Seibert)
Ambientia "Our experiences with Linchpin as an Atlassian partner" (Arto Kovalainen)
Atlassian Market Place App PocketQuery for Confluence & JIRA (Christian Koch, Felix Grund)
Safety first - data security as a key requirement in software tools with focus on (Samuel Lerch)
Roundtable on "Digital Workplace" (Katharina Alt)
Roundtable on Performance and Scale (Boris Berenberg)
Linchpin Intranet Suite Bundle (Adil Nasri)
How to structure and personalize your wiki with Metadata for Confluence (Christina Schantin)
Agile Hive - Scaling Agile and SAFe with Atlassian Tools like Jira and Confluence (Martin Seibert)
Power Scripts - Automation and Scripting in Atlassian Jira with cprime (Dan Frost)
The Top 10 Marketplace apps - A Side of Diagramming with that Burger? (Miles Faulkner)
Selling Cloud and Data Center as an Atlassian Partner - Experiences and Expectations from the trenches (Bastian Schmitt)