“Roundtable on Performance and Scale” Boris Berenberg · Presentation (15 minutes)

Group discussion about performance and scale issues which we are seeing and how we're all addressing them.

“Learning from the best: Best practices from Atlassian partners for projects and offers to maximize Atlassian customers' value” Martin Seibert · Presentation (15 minutes)

A fast paced list of ideas for Atlassian partners and their customers about how to improve their own business, their bottom line and deliver more customer value with best practices tested in the field.

“Roundtable on "Digital Workplace"” Katharina Alt · Presentation (15 minutes)

Group discussion about how the Atlassian tools can be integrated and what other tools might be necessary to build a "Digital Workplace".

“Linchpin Strategy and Roadmap” Reda Chatar · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Insight into the strategy behind our Linchpin Intranet solution and our short-term roadmap milestones.

“Linchpin Intranet Suite Bundle” Adil Nasri · Presentation (15 minutes)

Linchpin – the fully personalized central collaboration hub that connects teams, locations, tools, people and more is now available as bundle app on the Atlassian Marketplace. What can we expect, what will change for you?

“Selling Cloud and Data Center as an Atlassian Partner - Experiences and Expectations from the trenches” Bastian Schmitt · Presentation (15 minutes)

Cloud and Data Center are the products to sell in the future. Let's chat about the transition from the Server dominated Atlassian world to subscription models.

“Ambientia "Our experiences with Linchpin as an Atlassian partner"” Arto Kovalainen · Use Case Presentation (15 minutes)

Ambientia Linchpin Customer Cases presentation (History of Confluence based intranets in Ambientia, Starting with Linchpin, Why do we prefer Linchpin, Customer cases ,wrap up

“Rebuilding an app from scratch - The all-new Linchpin Events” Daniel Roller · Presentation (15 minutes)

Most products grow over time and at some point are more or less a collection of loose features and contain lots of technical debts. Also the initial concepts may turn out to no longer be up-to-date and you have to rethink large parts of your product - like we did with Easy Events

“Safety first - data security as a key requirement in software tools with focus on draw.io” Samuel Lerch · Presentation (15 minutes)

Software tools that are used in companies raise many concerns about data security, data storage requirements as well as sharing restrictions.
draw.io is a perfect example of how to achieve best possible security while taking advantage of integrations, versatility and sharing.

“Managing Project at Scale with Structure for Jira and Structure.Gantt” Eugene Sokhransky · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Learn how Structure for Jira can help you plan and track progress across multiple project and manage multiple teams.

“Atlassian Market Place App PocketQuery for Confluence & JIRA” Christian Koch, Felix Grund · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

PocketQuery makes it possible to fetch data from external SQL databases or REST APIs and visualize the results in Confluence or JIRA pages.

“Time is an investment - not a cost center. How Tempo can help you see the value of your time.” Eygló Myrra Óskarsdóttir · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Get to know what’s new with Tempo and how our solutions can help you see the value of your time. With Tempo you can track time, plan work or manage your finances, all without leaving Jira. We continue to add new features and functionalities and are exciting to present our latest

“From cookbooks to interactive process description” Christina Schantin · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Learn how to use Confluence and Jira for process documentation and collaboration with our Communardo Social QMS App

“Power Scripts - Automation and Scripting in Atlassian Jira with cprime” Dan Frost · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Using a truly extensible scripting platform for Jira can unlock some amazing capabilities. Come listen to how you can do this too with Power Scripts.

“The Top 10 Marketplace apps - A Side of Diagramming with that Burger?” Miles Faulkner · Presentation (15 minutes)

Will summarize our research around the top ten apps in the market place - Draw io is king of the hill!

“Agile Hive - Scaling Agile and SAFe with Atlassian Tools like Jira and Confluence” Martin Seibert · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Scaling Agile with Full SAFe, Large Solution SAFe, Portfolio SAFe or Essential SAFe natively integrated in Atlassian Jira and Confluence. A short introduction.

“Introduction to Linchpin Intranets, Extranets & draw.io” Adil Nasri · Software Presentation (15 minutes)

Getting to know how Intranets, Extranets and Diagramming can significantly improve the utilization and adoption of your Atlassian Confluence within your company. 15 minutes of quick and entertaining introduction into our world of improving collaboration and making it more visual

“Confluence becomes an Intranet through your local Atlassian partner (venITure Use Case Story)” Imge Ünlü · Use Case Presentation (15 minutes)

When the Atlassian Partner venITure was approached by one of their customers, they had just finished an onboarding session with //SEIBERT/MEDIA for Linchpin in Wiesbaden and directly realized, that the customer had a couple of strong intranet use cases as core to his requirements