Atlassian Market Place App PocketQuery for Confluence & JIRA
04-08, 14:10–14:25 (US/Pacific), Event Center Salon B

PocketQuery makes it possible to fetch data from external SQL databases or REST APIs and visualize the results in Confluence or JIRA pages.

We would like to offer the audience the possibility to work with data from external SQL databases or REST APIs in Confluence and JIRA in an interesting and easy way. Let us show how we develop an app against a lot of pain points and how it developed since the start.

Key features:
- Fetch data from any SQL database or REST API you have access to
- Users can display results of predefined queries in Confluence pages with a simple macro (and, if permitted, adjust parameters)
- Maintain security by controlling access to sensitive information
- Use templating mechanism and charts API for custom visualization
- Add results to the Confluence search
- Cache results to minimize traffic to your datasource
- Change parameters dynamically with forms or URL parameters

Christian Koch, Co-founder and CEO at Scandio, holds a degree in Computer Science and is responsible for Marketing & Sales. As a Confluence Lover, he is a part-time evangelist for Atlassian.

Software developer at Scandio and graduate student at the University of British Columbia.