Safety first - data security as a key requirement in software tools with focus on
04-08, 15:25–15:40 (US/Pacific), Event Center Salon B

Software tools that are used in companies raise many concerns about data security, data storage requirements as well as sharing restrictions. is a perfect example of how to achieve best possible security while taking advantage of integrations, versatility and sharing.

You can rely on's data privacy and security.
Open source software is inherently trustable. Anyone can look through the source code and check what API calls are made, and see what data is sent and received.
If you want data security and privacy, is the best diagramming app for the job because your diagram data is not shared or stored outside of your desired device or destination.
Data security - where all data is behind your secure firewall - as well as data privacy - aka GDPR - are the combined keys to your success. Your tools need to be reviewed so that you have a consistently secure, working and trustworthy software suite.
Functionality alone isn't enough to base your software choice on in today's world where data is the most valuable currency on the market.

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