Learning from the best: Best practices from Atlassian partners for projects and offers to maximize Atlassian customers' value
04-08, 16:15–16:30 (US/Pacific), Event Center Salon A

A fast paced list of ideas for Atlassian partners and their customers about how to improve their own business, their bottom line and deliver more customer value with best practices tested in the field.

This Pecha Kucha presentation will summarize what we have learned from customers as an Atlassian Partner and from working together with other Partners. How to sell licenses? What is more attractive to which employees in what type of organizations? How can you deliver more value to your customers while improving your bottom line? How should Data Center best be offered and which paths are best for upselling?

This session is mainly for Partners, but customers may also be interested.

CEO of //SEIBERT/MEDIA. We're Germany's biggest Atlassian partner and work with 150 employees as a full service provider for Atlassian customers.

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