Managing Project at Scale with Structure for Jira and Structure.Gantt
2019-04-08, 14:35–14:50, Event Center Salon B

Learn how Structure for Jira can help you plan and track progress across multiple project and manage multiple teams.

Jira works great for individual teams and projects, but things get less transparent, when it comes to scaling up.

With Structure for Jira you can easily visualize progress and status across all of your Jira projects in any way you choose, build real-time reports for your management team and plan and track the work of multiple teams.

With Structure's powerful, spreadsheet-like blank canvas you can assemble the project information that’s buried in Jira in meaningful and informative hierarchies.

During this session we'll demonstrate some of the main concepts of Structure and Structure.Gantt apps and share the common uses cases and best practices we've learned from our customers.