Confluence becomes an Intranet through your local Atlassian partner (venITure Use Case Story)
04-08, 13:45–14:00 (US/Pacific), Event Center Salon B

When the Atlassian Partner venITure was approached by one of their customers, they had just finished an onboarding session with //SEIBERT/MEDIA for Linchpin in Wiesbaden and directly realized, that the customer had a couple of strong intranet use cases as core to his requirements

A lot of Confluence users just want to add "something" to their existing Confluence instance. It's the experience of a skilled advisor that can help them see the bigger picture. Hear the story of Linchpin Partner venITure that transformed a simple and small Confluence consulting gig into a fully fledged intranet project with business critical importance for their customer. You'll hear how //SEIBERT/MEDIA onboards Linchpin partners and how customers can evolve their collaboration platform Confluence into the official corporate intranet with the single source of truth.