“Adaptavist, their Atlassian solutions and services and their partnership with Seibert Media” Mark McCormack, Martin Seibert · Short Interview (all types and styles) (20 minutes)

Adaptavist, their services, their solutions, their relationship, goals and praise for Seibert Media and their solutions (draw.io, Linchpin, Agile Hive)

“Agile Poker introduction and use-cases” Lex Kovalenko · Short Interview (all types and styles) (20 minutes)

A short demo of Agile Poker for Jira - estimation&plannign by Spartez Software, that includes the app overview, use-cases, the latest updates and interesting findings.

“Cameron Deatsch (Atlassian) about the Atlassian Server and Data Center offerings in 2020” Cameron Deatsch · Short Interview (all types and styles) (20 minutes)

Interview with Cameron Deatsch about the Server and Data Center business for Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket and other Atlassian products in 2020 and the forthcoming years.

“How Jay Simons shaped Atlassian - Interview during Atlassian Summit 2020” Jay Simons, Martin Seibert, Sebastian Martini · Short Interview (all types and styles) (20 minutes)

An interview with Atlassian's President about his tenure, his reasons to leave Atlassian and his future plans. We'll talk about how Atlassian developed while Jay was there and what makes the company so special.

“Make Jira, Bitbucket and Confluence work together like a dream” Ravi Sagar · Interview with software demo (30 minutes)

When it comes to fixing user-reported bugs, lack of consistency and traceability can become a nightmare for Admins and IT Managers. See how you can solve these issues by linking Jira, Confluence and Bitbutbucket - using ScriptRunner.

“The Future of Notifications in Atlassian Software” Boris Berenberg · Short Interview (all types and styles) (20 minutes)

A conversation about our vision of improving interaction between Atlassian applications and users.

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