Keynote: A BOSCH Transformation Story: The ETAS Journey to SAFe®
22.11, 16:00–16:40 (Europe/Berlin), Forum 1.1

Bosch, as a very traditional automotive Tier 1 is transforming its organization and way of working to foster its leading position not only in the traditional sector but also in the world of IoT and autonomous driving. On the concrete example of ETAS, one of Boschs subsidiaries, we show how change and agile scaling was initiated and successfully implemented. We share our learnings along this journey and our understanding of a holistic transformation.
We`ll give insights on the topics we are working on now like DevOps, Digitalization, Lean Portfolio Management and the Leadership Model.

Product Owner agile Transformation/ Head of LACE ETAS
Richard Mutschler (born 1978) educated as a dental technician and then graduated in computer science, started his career in human machine interface development in the automotive sector.
His journey at BOSCH began in 2011 as a feature/system owner of a technical acquisition team in development and layout of navigation devices – he also took over the responsibility for technical acquisition of navigation devices in USA for two years.
Joining ETAS in 2014, he took over the responsibility for central project management – being one of the founding members of the initiative “ETAS as an agile Organization” in mid of 2016, he, additionally, is the product owner of the “ETAS as an agile Organization” project team since 2017 and Head of the LACE Team.
Trained as SAFe Program Consultant in 2016, Product Owner is not the only SAFe role he had owned so far. He also supported teams as Solution Train Engineer and with his great knowledge about agile working and SAFe.