Women in Tech at Boehringer Ingelheim: How to find your purpose & empower each other
03-16, 20:05–20:35 (Europe/Berlin), Grace Hopper
Language: English

In the format of an interview style podium speech we will talk about the topic of Women in Tech. We'll also discuss how we have found our reason for doing what we do and how we empower each other in our global IT at Boehringer Ingelheim.

Experienced IT Brand Manager within IT Strategy department, responsible for topics such as IT branding and talent enrichment and how to position ourselves as employer of choice for tech talent on the external market and attract diverse candidates to our IT at Boehringer Ingelheim.

Bei Boehringer Ingelheim arbeiten wir an den Medizinprodukten für morgen, für eine gesündere Welt und ein lebenswerteres Leben!

★ Agility enthusiast ★ Passionate about meaningful customer experiences ★ Innovation advocate ★

I am a Senior Adoption & Change Manager within IT Infrastructure department. My passion is to design and implement strategies to increase customer satisfaction, grow our IT products and add value. Overall, I promote and help our end users adopting new communication and collaboration technologies.