Keynote: Serendipity and trying new things; my journey into the world of tech, startups, and innovation.
03-16, 20:45–21:15 (Europe/Berlin), Mainstage
Language: English

From book and illustration buff to award-winning author and startup founder in tech and innovation. In this session I will take you along the journey of my career path, spoiler alert, I never pursued one. Curiosity and university struggles took me towards a path of trying new things and inevitably led me to startups and innovation.

Esther is the co-author of The Corporate Startup, winner of the 2019 Golden Axiom Business Book Award and the 2018 Management Book Of The Year Award. The co-author of the recently released book Innovation Accounting, winner of the 2022 Golden Axiom Business Book Award. And the founder and CEO of GroundControl.
She is an international speaker on topics of corporate innovation, innovation accounting, portfolio management, and startups.
Esther has a background in technology and has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. She has mentored over several hundred startups, among others as an investor at NEXT Startup Ventures, lead mentor in the Rockstart Accelerator programs and Lean Startup Machine weekends. That passion for pioneering is what still drives her to make change happen.