Partner Infosession 2023

Anders Eivind Braaten

Anders is the CEO and a co-founder of Kantega SSO AS, which is best known for providing world-class authentication and identity access management technology on the Atlassian Data Center platform. He has a background as a front-end developer, business analyst, interaction designer, concept developer and process manager. And any day now he plan to find the time to finish his PhD in information security and communication technology.

  • Implementing an innovation system for fast ideation and development of Forge apps
Anshuman Dash (k15t)

Product leader at K15t focusing of product strategy for the Scroll apps portfolio that are used by thousands of customers around the world to unleash the potential of their products with Confluence. Driven by his desire to solve problems and his fondness for technology, Anshuman can be found navigating through his path of professional self-discovery building apps for the Atlassian ecosystem, and in the process looking for new avenues for creative expression.

When he is not burning his brain cells over the next big feature to build, Anshuman can be found drinking espresso, thinking about drinking espresso, and writing some poetry every now and then.

  • From Chaos to Clarity: How to Build Powerful Product Hubs with Confluence
Anu Bharadwaj

Anu Bharadwaj is the President of Atlassian, focused on bringing Product, Business, Design and Engineering teams closer together to deliver innovative products that customers love while supercharging the growth of Atlassian’s businesses.

As an accomplished executive with nearly 20 years of experience in leading transformations and building billion-dollar businesses for high-growth startups and enterprises, Anu brings deep expertise across Product, Operations, and Engineering to help teams deliver customer-focused growth. As COO of Atlassian, she was responsible for scaling a distributed workforce in 13 countries while leading Atlassian’s SaaS transformation, building the Cloud enterprise business, and scaling cloud platform teams. Before Atlassian, she held various leadership roles at Microsoft, and launched multiple products for the Visual Studio ALM team.

Anu is deeply passionate about growing diverse teams and making the world a better place through technology and effective philanthropy. She serves on the board of Outsystems, advises young and emerging companies (Snyk, Xembly) and is part of the Operator Collective venture fund that pioneered the collective venture model to empower diverse founders.

  • Welcome and Opening Keynote: Q&A with Anu Bharadwaj
Ashley Flanagan

As's Technical Pre-Sales Engineer, Ashley Flanagan is one of the team's most expert diagrammers. In her role, she helps customers discover the all the ways that's diagrams and whiteboards can solve their problems. She is also one of the first "friendly faces" that customers meet when they interact with the app, so it's perfect that Ashley has years of sales experience to go with her warm and inviting personality.

  • How to run better meetings with the help of Confluence
Becky Schwartz

Becky studied elementary education in college, then pivoted into the tech sector after graduation. These combined experiences made her passionate about teaching technical concepts in a relatable, understandable way for all types of humans.

Knowing the premise behind Custom Charts and its' ease of use, when the opportunity arose to help with customer education at Old Street, Becky dove in head first. She hasn’t looked back since (except when she thought she heard someone behind her ask if she wanted her favorite food, queso). Outside of Old Street, Becky is an avid karaoke singer, traveler, hiker, dog lover, and brewery visitor. She also loves movies and TV, to the point that, when she was 7 years old, she ran away from home because her parents wouldn’t let her watch The Academy Awards (to be fair, they had warned her multiple times if she didn’t tidy up her room, she would be in big trouble).

  • Jira Reporting for Non-technical Teams
Björn Döhler

Experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in small and large companies. Sales, Marketing & Product Management professional with broad knowledge in several IT technologies and services with management & company transformation experience. Managing international projects and products within time and budget and always searching for the following field of tensions waiting to be solved. Proven ability to combine strategy with organizational change and people.

  • A toolchain for piloting our 4-day week trial
Carlotta Kuhn

Since she was young, Carlotta Kuhn has been interested in exploring how people connect with one another. Her background in psychology helps her understand individuals' needs for social connections in the workplace. She has a passion for helping people work together and assisting them in becoming more efficient in their day-to-day tasks. As a Community Engagement Coordinator for she uses those interests to help Atlassian users collaborate through visualization, via informational videos and assisting people in the Atlassian community.

  • How to run better meetings with the help of Confluence
Clara Roder

Clara Roder has been with //SEIBERT/MEDIA since July 2020. As Channel Manager her main responsibility is building, growing, and managing strategic partnerships around our products. Her strong background in marketing and economics support her ability to consult companies in the area of communication, agile at scale, knowledge management and social intranets.

  • From AppWeek to Marketplace: Developing Spacecraft in four weeks using Embedded Pages
  • How to transform your Confluence Cloud into an Intranet with Mantra
  • Game Session & Raffle
Dave Wuensch

Dave has been at Decadis since 2020 as a Partner Manager. As a Partner Manager Dave is responsible for developing and managing relationships with Decadis strategic partners both within and outside the Atlassian ecosystem. Dave's overall goal s to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with strategic partners and help achieve Decadis' and their business objectives.

  • The Art of Administration – Empowering Jira & Confluence Administrators to succeed in their daily challenges
David Toussaint

David Toussaint

  • Atlassian and Microsoft 365 - How to get the best out of both worlds with SharePoint Connector for Confluence
Federico Baronti

His experience in different technical roles for different big companies, and offering an A+ support service for Deiser products has shown Fede that quality is standard when working with software. Currently, he's helping Deiser to guide, assist, and help to succeed other Atlassian partners (and the world!) with the wide range of Deiser apps.

  • How to get data, keep control and lead your projects
  • Project Portfolio Management: Give meaning to information scattered in Jira
  • Build Better, Together: Timesheets and Structure by Tempo
Jaime Capitel

Jaime Capitel is Content Marketing Manager at resolution. As a polyglot and sworn translator, he’s also particularly aware of the importance of breaking through language barriers and has been working on teaching customers and partners how to create multilingual experiences in Jira Service Management.

  • A toolchain for piloting our 4-day week trial
Jamale Lamaji-Harris

Jamale has been in the Atlassian ecosystem thriving for success for the past three years. His background started as an EAM at At&t with the biggest companies in the U.S. market. After his time at At&t, he decided to follow in his family's footsteps and join the U.S. Army. Jamale garnered commendations, medals, and an honorable discharge after completing his time. Jamale entered the ecosystem as an SM/Head of Partners. Finding and helping users with limitations and little capabilities with customization inside Jira & Confluence apps on the marketplace by key, discovery with use case pain points, creating and building solutions. Tailoring partnership relationships to fit the partner's customer profile and managing existing partnerships, acting as a central point of contact for a partner and customer needing support. Jamale's role was to connect with the partner's internal teams (sales, customer success, marketing, legal, product, and engineering) to optimize joint selling and marketing strategies for driving revenue.

Jamale's career role now is Sales / Sales Development at Seibert Media. Helping our customers tackle complex problems, uncovering new insights on the easiest way to implement SAFe in Jira. Develop commercial strategies to renew and achieve new business, and build meaningful client relationships with our EV teams.

  • Seibert Media is working for James Cameron? - Onboarding the cast of Titanic.
Jan Kuntscher

Jan Kuntscher co-founded and serves as the co-CEO of appanvil, a German tech company that specializes in Atlassian app development. With over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, Jan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role at appanvil. He is dedicated to driving innovation and growth, and his work has helped the company establish a reputation for delivering top-notch solutions to clients like Netflix, Microsoft, NASA, Sony, and Disney.

  • How to transform your Confluence Cloud into an Intranet with Mantra
  • Scaled Agility goes Cloud - How to make your Jira ready for SAFe
Janis Plume

Janis Plume has 6 years of experience as a customer support consultant at eazyBI. With a background in project management, quality control, security management, and a degree in computer science, Janis is an expert in guiding customers through their reporting needs.

  • Aligning company reporting across Atlassian ecosystem using eazyBI
Julian Wolf

Julian Wolf has been with //SEIBERT/MEDIA since January 2016. He is responsible for coordinating Seibert Media's cloud-focused development projects, software architecture and engineering and focused on Google Cloud Platform. He supports our Atlassian Cloud journey on Connect and Forge.

  • From AppWeek to Marketplace: Developing Spacecraft in four weeks using Embedded Pages
Martin Seibert

Meet Martin Seibert, CEO of Seibert Media, an entrepreneur passionate about promoting collaborative and autonomous teams to increase productivity and output in organizations. Martin strongly advocates for conscious capitalism and believes in empowering employees to drive business success.

With his industry experience since 1996, Martin firmly believes in the power of teamwork and collaboration. He is committed to providing organizations with the necessary tools and resources to streamline their processes and achieve their goals.

To learn more about Martin and his work, you can visit

  • Daily Routines: Transforming Life, Organization, and Atlassian Cloud with Checklists
  • Welcome and Opening Keynote: Q&A with Anu Bharadwaj
Michele Toscani

Michele has started at Decadis in August 2022. In his position as Marketing Manager, his focus lies on developing and implementing effective marketing campaigns across a variety of channels. For him as a data-driven person, everything is a source to learn something, even or especially seemingly failed approaches.

  • The Art of Administration – Empowering Jira & Confluence Administrators to succeed in their daily challenges
Mike Rink

Throughout his career, Mike Rink has been driven by a curiosity to learn why people do what they do. This drive to help people find satisfaction has served him well in both marketing and product management roles. His idea of a good time is a quiet spot, a cold beer, and a good conversation with someone new. Mike uses his lifetime of connecting with people to help teams get a better understanding of their markets, and themselves.

  • Stop compromising in the Cloud
Nick Ellis

Nick is a senior solutions engineer at ALM Works. He helps new customers quickly get Structure up and running, and he makes sure existing customers take full advantage of Structure's features. He works to tailor solutions to their businesses, so Structure fits the way they work – not the other way around.

Nick has experience in several types of Agile processes and a background in development. His experience as a software developer, scrum master, and manager gives him insight into each rung of the corporate ladder. No matter your role, process, or industry, he can help you get more out of your Jira data.

  • Project Portfolio Management: Give meaning to information scattered in Jira
  • Build Better, Together: Timesheets and Structure by Tempo
Nikoloz Surmanidze

Experienced PO with a background in Business Administration and Web Development. 8+ years of experience leading teams and creating great products.

  • Protect Your Data, Protect your Business: Deep Dive into Actonic's Data Protection and Security Toolkit
Raimonds Simanovskis

Raimonds Simanovskis is the founder and CEO of eazyBI – a leading business intelligence application for creating reports, charts, and dashboards for Jira, Confluence, and other sources. With a background in business and software development, Raimonds has a strong "enterprise software development" history. He is a skilled Ruby and JavaScript developer, an active open-source contributor, and an advocate for Agile software development and the open data movement. Raimonds leads his company with a focus on bootstrapping and controlled growth and promotes remote work.

  • Analyze millions of Jira issues with eazyBI
Thorsten Letschert

Thorsten has been deeply immersed in the Atlassian ecosystem since 2016, having worked in various roles like consulting, training, and product management. As an Atlassian Certified Expert, he's proficient in the Atlassian stack. Currently responsible for product marketing management at Decadis, Thorsten is passionate about showcasing the company's top-notch app portfolio to the world.

  • Design your processes - let Jira do the rest. Customizing Jira workflows made easy.