Boris Berenberg

Boris Berenberg is a 15 year veteran of IT operations roles. He spent four years working at Atlassian where he helped solve challenges for the largest installations in the world. During this time, he also authored a significant portion of Atlassian's public technical knowledge base and support tools. Boris is the co-author of Atlassian's JIRA Administration Certification and has completed 13 certifications. Since leaving Atlassian, he has helped companies like Uber and Spotify scale their utilization of Atlassian tools.

Boris is a subject matter expert for JIRA and other Atlassian applications. Especially focused on how to scale these tools beyond their standard usage. His past experience in IT enables him to carry the discussion beyond just the applications themselves, but also into how your infrastructure works with them. He helped write both the sysadmin, and the Atlassian partner certification tests for JIRA.



Signal vs Noise in Atlassian Applications
Boris Berenberg

We talk about the various types of email that a Jira and Confluence user receives, and what can be done to improve the quality and reduce the quantity of these notifications.

General Atlassian topics
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