Jaclyn M. Mazzarella

Jaclyn Mazzarella is the newly appointed VP of Marketing at Addteq and has over 6 years of experience with a focus on Digital Marketing. Recently, she opened her own marketing firm, Mazz Marketing Solutions. In her free time, she enjoys taking her 1-year-old German Shepherd/Boxer mix on long hikes and reading as many books as she can get her hands on.

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End Exhell with Excellentable for Confluence
Jaclyn M. Mazzarella, Karthik Sriram

Everyone appreciates creating a spreadsheet to crunch numbers and data. But what happens when you need to share it? That’s when the ExHell begins. Excellentable is an Atlassian Confluence App that allows spreadsheets to be fully functional, dynamic, and interactive.

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