The "Draw" Game - The top players, fast movers and key use cases in the diagramming category
03-29, 17:25–17:40 (US/Pacific), Room 2

This will be the most recent of our category presentations which leverages our MARs (Marketplace Analytics Research service). It will feature a full 12 months history with views of instances, growth, top 10 players and key use cases (if there is time)

The talk will be an intro to the more in depth report as its only 15 minutes long. The audience will be able to access the longer webinar when its available as well as all the data. We expect to cover why diagramming is so hot (esp in Confluence), the draw category as it truly is, the main players and key use cases. There won't be enough time to cover all the ground but the rest will be available for those interested as a longer report. When the longer webinar is ready it will be here;
Miles Faulkner is Co CEO Blended Perspectives
a Marketplace research specialist and architect of MARs, 30 years of IT experience and Lead consultant PPM solutions. Finally a not very good but enthusiastic golfer. Linked In;

Miles Faulkner is the Co CEO at Blended Perspectives Inc.

Marketplace Research specialist and architect of MARs
30 years of IT experience
Lead consultant PPM solutions
A not very good but enthusiastic golfer

Part of Miles' expertise:

Strong Business and Technology Program Manager with Agile certification and experience in major Financial Services Corporations
Deep expertise in the Financial sector
Agile experience as well as best practices tools using Atlassian products JIRA, Confluence and the product portfolio

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