Effective project tracking with Profields for Jira
03-29, 17:00–17:15 (US/Pacific), Room 2

Working in an Enterprise organization as a Manager, Project lead and Jira Administrator can be really challenging to track and monitor Jira projects.
We have taken Profields to the next level for tracking projects in a similar way you can track issues in Jira.

Learn how to create a project inventory, control your project changes, improve reporting based on real time insights and get a more effective project’ administration.

The profields software from Deiser adds significant features to Atlassian Jira, that you will not want to miss. Find out in this session.

Flora Rubio is Head of Marketplace Sales - Partner Manager at DEISER (Spain)

Flora states on her LinkedIn page:

"I have graduated with a Master degree in Euroasian international Trade, and I have around 5 years of Sales experience in the Spanish, French and UK market.

My interest goes primarily out to start-up projects, Business Development and Team Management. I am a socially open and flexible person, and I'm sure I can bring enthusiasm and motivation to any company.

My years abroad also enabled me to learn to adapt to other cultures, and to become independent and self motivated.

Specialities: International Sales Manager, Cold calls, Lead Generation, Business development"