Introducing Linchpin Cloud - Creating a rock star intranet with Atlassian Confluence in the Cloud
03-29, 12:30–12:45 (US/Pacific), Room 1

Be among the first potential users to discover the cloud version of our successful social intranet solution Linchpin.

Adil Nasri has been with //SEIBERT/MEDIA since 2012 where he has worked in different teams. This makes him a well rounded professional in business administration, marketing, sales, consulting, and product management. He keeps these contrasting perspectives in mind when providing valuable insights for the internal development teams who create software that aims to improve collaboration within organizations.

His speciality is the strategic consulting of companies in the areas of communication, collaboration, knowledge management, and social intranets. His main responsibility is building, growing, and managing strategic partnerships with consulting firms around the world.

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