The onboarding of users in - the self-service tutorial
2020-03-29, 15:00–15:15, Room 1

Onboarding new users to software can be tricky. Most of the time this means investing time to onboard people personally. Or even worse, try to work through the documentation and try to understand the software yourself. But there is an easier way, learn within

Onboarding to software is important, nothing new about that. This includes onboarding existing employees to new software as well as new employees to existing tools. We did some research, how customers perform onboarding to Atlassian apps in general and found libraries of documentation that mostly the admins created for the company staff. There are two things that came to our eyes:

  1. Documenting software is pain - and a lot of work that usually don't end with the documentation, you also have to train people.
  2. Learning works best when it takes place in small, comprehensible steps and at your own pace.

What prevents people from learning software in depth is negatively influenced by the following factors:

  • There are media breaks between the training content and the actual tool
  • Examples are usually so abstract that the transfer to own use cases becomes more difficult

We have tried to overcome these obstacles and have created a tutorial series that we would like to share and develop further with you.

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