Good Form Design: Collecting Better Data in Jira
2020-03-29, 15:30–15:45, Room 1

They’re not sexy. They’re not fun. But forms are the name of the game when it comes to collecting structured data. This session will examine four use cases to demonstrate how teams have designed forms to collect better data in Jira.

Well-designed Jira forms mean that customers are presented with a friendly, familiar interface. Agents receive all of the information they need upfront, and auditors can view all of the pertinent data right where they’re looking for it – on the Jira issue.

This session will use examples and use cases to demonstrate how teams can design forms to:

  • Collect better data in Jira (Use Case: HR onboard);
  • Provide better service via the Jira Service Desk customer portal (Use Case: Internal Print Shop);
  • Streamline processes by combining forms with automation (Use Case: Bug report and triage);
  • Reduce custom fields and Jira administration without sacrificing data (Use Case: Change Management).

We’ll showcase the ProForma ADF (Atlassian Document Format) form builder which allows teams to use the same editing abilities they enjoy in Confluence to collect data in Jira.

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