Analytics - Look behind the scenes of Atlassian Confluence with Viewtracker
2020-03-30, 17:25–17:40, Room 1

In this talk you‘ll learn about the basics of tracking in Confluence. Bitvoodoo’s Viewtracker gives you new perspectives: What contents are relevant to your readers? Which pages are popular, which pages aren't? Look behind the scenes with Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence.

Atlassian Confluence is a sticky software. Once your teams have understood how it can improve the collaboration, you‘ll see a lot of activity. Already a mediocre activity will lead to a lot of questions about the usage. What is interesting? How can we help our users discover these gems? Do people read what I am writing at all?

The core Confluence software does not have an analytics element in it. Viewtracker is a feasible solution. In this talk you will ... * Learn the basics of Confluence usage reporting * Find out about the capabilities and advantages of using a tracking software in Confluence * Understand the pitfalls and threads (GDPR, CCPA, ...) when deploying such a solution. * See the Integration of Viewtracker into Linchpin Social Intranet and especially Linchpin Mobile native apps.

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