Analytics - Look behind the scenes of Atlassian Confluence with Viewtracker
03-29, 17:25–17:40 (US/Pacific), Room 1

In this talk you‘ll learn about the basics of tracking in Confluence. Bitvoodoo’s Viewtracker gives you new perspectives: What contents are relevant to your readers? Which pages are popular, which pages aren't? Look behind the scenes with Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence.

Atlassian Confluence is a sticky software. Once your teams have understood how it can improve the collaboration, you‘ll see a lot of activity. Already a mediocre activity will lead to a lot of questions about the usage. What is interesting? How can we help our users discover these gems? Do people read what I am writing at all?

The core Confluence software does not have an analytics element in it. Viewtracker is a feasible solution. In this talk you will ...
* Learn the basics of Confluence usage reporting
* Find out about the capabilities and advantages of using a tracking software in Confluence
* Understand the pitfalls and threads (GDPR, CCPA, ...) when deploying such a solution.
* See the Integration of Viewtracker into Linchpin Social Intranet and especially Linchpin Mobile native apps.

Stefan Ernst is head of Atlassian Apps at Bitvoodoo

With over 10 years of experience in the Atlassian ecosystem, Stefan has been managing large Confluence and Jira instances, as well as designing and developing apps for various companies.

He recently joined Bitvoodoo to lift their strong marketplace presence to the next level. With first-hand experience of complex analytics scenarios as well as challenges, big enterprise customers are facing nowadays, his goal this year is to help users navigate the difficulties of running Confluence at a large scale and getting knowledge to the right people.

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