Martin Seibert

Martin Seibert states on his profile page:

"I am passionate about Atlassian Software. I am currently helping to introduce Linchpin, a Confluence-based intranet solution and a SAFe solution called Agile Hive to our customers. I have been working on and in //SEIBERT/MEDIA for our customers and employees since I was 17. I founded the company in 1996 and it now employs about 180 people in Wiesbaden (Germany) and USA. In 2018 we made about 30M US$ in revenues and have been profitable as a company for many years. We offer agile software development and are one of the five biggest Atlassian partners worldwide.

It took me many years to understand that only teams can be successful. But that was years ago. Now, I want everyone to understand and spread the word that teams are the things that rock. Be it in your own company or when looking at //SEIBERT/MEDIA, it's always teams that "rock'n'roll" with software."

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Keynote - The future of collaboration in your team / The digital workplace / How agile scales through your whole organization
Martin Seibert, Sebastian Martini, Adil Nasri, Jan Kuntscher

Our vision for the work of tomorrow. Not just warm words but proven software solutions that you can look at during Atlassian Summit that will change the way you collaborate, visualize and scale agile in your organization. Allow us to introduce a digital workplace with Atlassian.

Room 1
"Jay's world" - How Jay Simons (Atlassian, President) shaped the Atlassian journey
Jay Simons, Sebastian Martini, Martin Seibert

An interview with Jay Simons the prominent and well known iconic leader from San Francisco who build Atlassian together with Mike and Scott. Sebastian and Martin will interview him about his journey with Atlassian and the achievements that stand out from his point of view.

General Atlassian topics
Room 1
Why your Intranet should be based on Atlassian Confluence - Linchpin Intranet
Alisa Tietz, Martin Seibert

Learn how Linchpin Intranet Suite will turn Atlassian Confluence into an attractive and fully personalized social Intranet with a native employee app that includes news, microblogs, all profiles and all Confluence pages and even works with servers behind the firewall seamlessly.

Linchpin - Confluence-based Intranet
Room 1