Why your Intranet should be based on Atlassian Confluence - Linchpin Intranet
2020-03-29, 13:20–13:35, Room 1

Learn how Linchpin Intranet Suite will turn Atlassian Confluence into an attractive and fully personalized social Intranet with a native employee app that includes news, microblogs, all profiles and all Confluence pages and even works with servers behind the firewall seamlessly.

Linchpin is based on a system that employees already both know how to use and enjoy using it. It extends Confluence into a modern social intranet which fulfills both user and management requirements. Top-down communication is integrated with company news and meets the requirement to share information efficiently with all employees (Intranet 1.0). Extensive personalization based on language, location, and user profile fields, greatly reduces the complexity of this system. With a microblogging function and extended user profiles, Confluence is enhanced with social features. Linchpin integrates other enterprise applications that employees frequently use, making it the cockpit from which they can complete all of their daily work. Thanks to our mobile app and large touch screen support, the intranet is available to all employees throughout the company. Customers benefit from the short implementation phase because of the technical standardization, and have significantly lower licensing costs when compared to intranet solutions like SharePoint.

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