Adil Nasri

Adil Nasri has been with //SEIBERT/MEDIA since 2012 where he has worked in different teams. This makes him a well rounded professional in business administration, marketing, sales, consulting, and product management. He keeps these contrasting perspectives in mind when providing valuable insights for the internal development teams who create software that aims to improve collaboration within organizations.

His speciality is the strategic consulting of companies in the areas of communication, collaboration, knowledge management, and social intranets. His main responsibility is building, growing, and managing strategic partnerships with consulting firms around the world.

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  • Introducing Linchpin Cloud - Creating a rock star intranet with Atlassian Confluence in the Cloud
  • Keynote - The future of collaboration in your team / The digital workplace / How agile scales through your whole organization
Alisa Tietz

Alisa Tietz is Product Marketing Master of the Linchpin Intranet Team at //SEIBERT/MEDIA

Alisa's area of expertise is:

Linchpin - Social intranet based on Atlassian Confluence
Planning, creation, and implementation of marketing content and campaigns
Interface function to the Linchpin development teams

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  • Why your Intranet should be based on Atlassian Confluence - Linchpin Intranet
Alison Huselid

Head of Product, Server and Data Center at Atlassian


  • Atlassian Data Center - How Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket perform at scale
Andre Serrano

Andre Serrano

Senior Product Manager at **[Adaptavist](**

A professional with over 15 years’ experience in digital, Andre is the Senior Product Manager for Adaptavist’s entire ScriptRunner portfolio. Passionate about Agile - Lean - Scrum & Kanban, his motto is: ‘Learn, and learn fast what is valuable to your users!’


  • How to keep your Confluence fast and clutter-free with ScriptRunner
Anshuman Dash

Anshuman Dash is the Product Manager for K15t's Scroll Documents app. After working for five years in India, he moved to Germany to pursue his master's degree, interned at K15t, fell in love with the company, and decided to stay a little longer than originally planned.

Driven by a desire to solve problems and a fondness for technology, Anshuman can be found navigating his path of professional self-discovery, building awesome apps for the Atlassian ecosystem and discovering new avenues for creative expression.

When he's not burning his brain cells over the next cool feature to build, Anshuman spends his free time struggling to learn German, doing some front-end development, drinking espresso, and even writing poetry every now and then!


  • Thinking Beyond Attachments: Document Libraries for Atlassian Confluence
Bastian Schmitt

Bastian Schmitt has completed his MBA degree and has been a sales consultant with //SEIBERT/MEDIA since 2009. Since 2019 he is the product marketing master of our team.

Bastian's key aspects:
Visualization of content in Confluence
Illustration of complex facts and use cases by diagram tools

Bastian's expertise:
Use cases of diagrams within your Confluence instance
Advice on migration from Gliffy to customer support

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Björn Döhler

Björn Döhler has been Co-CEO, resolution GmbH since 07/2019

Dynamic professional with broad management knowledge in several IT technologies. Lead for sales and marketing strategy for our outstanding solutions and always searching for the next challenge. Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Professional Services, Data Center, Management, Pre-sales, and Telecommunications.

EMEA Service Sales Director, Westcon Group — 05/2009 - 06/2019
B2B IT Services (Professional Services, Managed Services, Education Services, Supply Chain Services, Support Services) for Vendors (Cisco, Meraki, Avaya, Palo Alto, Checkpoint etc.)

IT-Consultant, Freelancer
Developed successful IT strategies for midmarket customers.

Sales experience for several companies
Comstor (Cisco Distribution), Claranet (Non Telco ISP), top telenet Potsdam (City ISP), Deutsche Telekom AG (Telco/ISP), Controlware (Systemintegrator), PC-Ware (Systemintegrator)


  • SSO in Atlassian Tools: Best Practices for User Management in Confluence-Intranets and for scaling agile with SAFe in Atlassian Jira
Boris Berenberg

Boris Berenberg is a 15 year veteran of IT operations roles. He spent four years working at Atlassian where he helped solve challenges for the largest installations in the world. During this time, he also authored a significant portion of Atlassian's public technical knowledge base and support tools. Boris is the co-author of Atlassian's JIRA Administration Certification and has completed 13 certifications. Since leaving Atlassian, he has helped companies like Uber and Spotify scale their utilization of Atlassian tools.

Boris is a subject matter expert for JIRA and other Atlassian applications. Especially focused on how to scale these tools beyond their standard usage. His past experience in IT enables him to carry the discussion beyond just the applications themselves, but also into how your infrastructure works with them. He helped write both the sysadmin, and the Atlassian partner certification tests for JIRA.


  • Signal vs Noise in Atlassian Applications
Constance Hua

Constance Hua has joined kreuzwerker GmbH in 2017 in the Atlassian Team. Since then, she has worked on many different projects including procurement management on Jira, process improvement, many intranets on different platforms and many more. Previously enrolled in a 6-month heavy project involving Atlassian and Salesforce at NEOFI Solutions, she has built there a project management system as well as a support module on Service Desk, a quoting and invoicing system on Salesforce and has helped the development team to settle into the Atlassian suite.

Constance has worked in France, Australia, Lebanon and now in Germany. She comes from a communication and event management background and has made her way to the IT world by improving processes in every company she has ever worked for.


  • Fresh Intranet Designs with Atlassian Confluence
Diana Schweitzer

Diana Schweitzer is a Team member of //SEIBERT/MEDIA in Germany

  • Migrations from Gliffy to for better diagrams in Atlassian Confluence
Dominic Price

Born to Joy in the harsh Manchester Winter of 77, Dominic has a career that has reached far and wide through Europe, US and Asia PAC.

Dom has responsibilities spanning 7 global R&D centres, and is our in house “Team Doctor” helping Atlassian scale by being ruthlessly efficient and effective, with one eye on the future. Dom helped pioneer our Team Playbook and has personally run hundreds of sessions with our teams globally.

He has previously been the GM Program Management for a global gaming company and a Director of Deloitte.
Dom is proud to work at Atlassian, the home of the most intelligent t-shirt wearers in business, as the Work Futurist.

A keen traveller, Dom has traversed over 50 countries so far, but after 15 years on these shores, he calls Australia home.

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  • The future of work: How Atlassian Software can shape your transition to scaling agile and establish a digital workplace
Fabian Lopez

Passion for collaboration tools that empower remote and collocated team members. Continually exploring and implementing new technologies and methodologies to foster collaboration. Interested in team members' interaction as well as customer and partner relationship growth.

Enthusiastic Program/Product Manager and certified Project Manager Professional (PMP), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Trade Show Marketer (CTSM), Atlassian Community Leader and member of the Atlassian Community Advisory Board.

Currently managing the DSS, Inc. commercial PMO, Chairman of the DSS Atlassian Steering Committee and active member of the global Atlassian Community. Dedicated to nurturing collaboration on the Open Source community focused on Electronic Health Records based on the system designed to assist US Veterans. Recipient of multiple awards from Atlassian and Open Source EHR Community.

Involved in product development, program and project management of the OS System implemented in more than 50 Hospitals and 500 clinics on the states of Texas, New York, Tennessee, West Virginia, North Caroline, Idaho, and Oklahoma.

Participated in business development in Mexico and South America and organized and executed international trade shows and symposiums in Argentina for more than 8,000 attendees. Founded 5 Atlassian User Groups (2 in Argentina and 3 in the USA, currently running two of them). Recent recipient of the Atlassian Community Award "Exceeding Everest" for community contributions and for volunteering with the organization Warfighter Made that assists disabled and wounded veterans.


  • Maximizing your interaction with the Atlassian Online Community and Community Events
Flora Rubio

Flora Rubio is Head of Marketplace Sales - Partner Manager at DEISER (Spain)

Flora states on her LinkedIn page:

"I have graduated with a Master degree in Euroasian international Trade, and I have around 5 years of Sales experience in the Spanish, French and UK market.

My interest goes primarily out to start-up projects, Business Development and Team Management. I am a socially open and flexible person, and I'm sure I can bring enthusiasm and motivation to any company.

My years abroad also enabled me to learn to adapt to other cultures, and to become independent and self motivated.

Specialities: International Sales Manager, Cold calls, Lead Generation, Business development"


  • Effective project tracking with Profields for Jira
Jaclyn M. Mazzarella

Jaclyn Mazzarella is the newly appointed VP of Marketing at Addteq and has over 6 years of experience with a focus on Digital Marketing. Recently, she opened her own marketing firm, Mazz Marketing Solutions. In her free time, she enjoys taking her 1-year-old German Shepherd/Boxer mix on long hikes and reading as many books as she can get her hands on.

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Jan Kuntscher

Jan Kuntscher is a Sr. Atlassian Consultant & Solution Owner at //SEIBERT/MEDIA in Germany.

Area of expertise

  • Implementation & development of Agile Hive
  • Sales & marketing for Agile Hive
  • Establishing of Agile Hive partnerships
  • Strategic & technical consulting
  • Agile project management
  • SAFe consulting

Skills & expertise

  • Agile Hive - SAFe with Atlassian Tools
  • Atlassian JIRA (Core, Software & Service Desk)
  • Atlassian Confluence
  • Atlassian Apps
  • Linchpin Intranet

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  • Aura in Atlassian Confluence - Transform boring pages into beautiful organized content
  • Agile Hive - Scaling SAFe in large enterprises with Atlassian Jira and Confluence
  • Keynote - The future of collaboration in your team / The digital workplace / How agile scales through your whole organization
Jay Simons

Jay Simons is the president of Atlassian.

He joined the company in 2008 as vice president of sales and marketing to lead Atlassian's pioneering efforts to develop a high-velocity, low-touch sales model. Jay's overseen the company's global expansion, introduction of its Starter License program (a disruptive approach to "freemium" where the company donates all proceeds to a charitable cause), and its growing worldwide customer community and programs.

Jay has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry. He began his career at Plumtree Software where he held a variety of senior marketing and sales roles. Significantly, Jay oversaw the company's expansion throughout Europe and Asia Pacific. When Plumtree was acquired by BEA Systems in 2005, Jay became vice president of marketing for BEA Systems, which was later acquired by Oracle in 2008.

Jay serves on the board of directors for HubSpot and holds a bachelor's degree in political and environmental science from the University of Washington.


  • "Jay's world" - How Jay Simons (Atlassian, President) shaped the Atlassian journey
Jeremy Stark

Jeremy Stark is an Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach and the Head of Solutions at alm works. Previously he was the Agile Delivery Lead at online pet food retailer Chewy and Delivery Lead at ZipCars.

Facilitator of Individual & Organizational Learning
Specialties: Scrum Master & Agile Coach

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  • Deliver What Matters, When It Matters (with Jira)
Jon Espen Ingvaldsen, PhD

Jon Espen is an experienced computer scientist with a solid track record in entrepreneurship, business development, and realization of new technology and data-driven solutions. Since 2016, Jon Espen has been the general manager of Kantega SSO, -a company known for its security and identity management solutions for Atlassian.

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  • Authenticating Linchpin users with OpenId Connect
Karthik Sriram

Karthik Sriram is a Senior Software Engineer at Addteq.

Goal-driven software engineer with a focus on Full Stack development. Hands on experience in all phases of product development. Skilled in technical research and expert in rapidly prototyping new capabilities. Ready for new professional challenges and willing to take on dynamic responsibilities


  • End Exhell with Excellentable for Confluence
Martin Seibert

Martin Seibert states on his profile page:

"I am passionate about Atlassian Software. I am currently helping to introduce Linchpin, a Confluence-based intranet solution and a SAFe solution called Agile Hive to our customers. I have been working on and in //SEIBERT/MEDIA for our customers and employees since I was 17. I founded the company in 1996 and it now employs about 180 people in Wiesbaden (Germany) and USA. In 2018 we made about 30M US$ in revenues and have been profitable as a company for many years. We offer agile software development and are one of the five biggest Atlassian partners worldwide.

It took me many years to understand that only teams can be successful. But that was years ago. Now, I want everyone to understand and spread the word that teams are the things that rock. Be it in your own company or when looking at //SEIBERT/MEDIA, it's always teams that "rock'n'roll" with software."

Find Martin on social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Quora, YouTube, ...

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  • Why your Intranet should be based on Atlassian Confluence - Linchpin Intranet
  • Keynote - The future of collaboration in your team / The digital workplace / How agile scales through your whole organization
Miles Faulkner

Miles Faulkner is the Co CEO at Blended Perspectives Inc.

Marketplace Research specialist and architect of MARs
30 years of IT experience
Lead consultant PPM solutions
A not very good but enthusiastic golfer

Part of Miles' expertise:

Strong Business and Technology Program Manager with Agile certification and experience in major Financial Services Corporations
Deep expertise in the Financial sector
Agile experience as well as best practices tools using Atlassian products JIRA, Confluence and the product portfolio

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René Müller

René Müller is a consultant with an M. Sc in Industrial Engineering, focused on Information technology and the energy industry. International experience and sound knowledge of SaaS business models, strategic consulting & agile project management - delivering the highest customer satisfaction.

With a background in Industrial Engineering, René started his career as a Consultant with Capgemini Consulting. He focused on helping clients defining and implementing their strategies, enter new markets as well as orchestrating the required change management. As more and more projects had Software-related questions, he decided to change sides and joined the professional service team of a Berlin based SaaS company.

Working as the interface between clients, product management and development teams, René is used to handling ambiguous requirements and priorities. Having worked with small startups as well as huge corporations like Siemens, Vattenfall, Intel or ABInBev, he is convinced that clear communication and change management are key to every successful IT project.

At kreuzwerker GmbH, René is part of the Atlassian Business Consulting team where he is assisting, guiding, and coaching clients in managing and reflecting their processes through the Atlasssian stack.

LinkedIn profile

  • Fresh Intranet Designs with Atlassian Confluence
Samsoor Hemat

Samsoor Hemat is Managing Director and co-founder of the venITure GmbH with its head office in Cologne, Germany. Sam has an technology management background and has always had a passion for IT.

His LinkedIn profile

  • Influx - Candidate Management
Sebastian Martini

Sebastian Martini (birth name Sebastian Preuss) has been part of //SEIBERT/MEDIA since 1998 and became a shareholder in 2010. He heads the operating business of the company and is thus responsible for the turnover and the results. In addition, his focus is on strategic consulting as well as in qualifying the consulting team.

Complete profile

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  • State of the nation for Linchpin Intranets - Facts, Figures & Roadmap
  • Keynote - The future of collaboration in your team / The digital workplace / How agile scales through your whole organization
Sherif Mansour

Distinguished Product Manager at Atlassian

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  • Collaboration with Jira, Confluence and Trello - How we do it at Atlassian
Simon Gatto

Simon Gatto is Comalatech's Chief Operations Officer and "Goodwill Ambassador" to the Atlassian Solutions Partner Community. With a solid background in pre and post sales support, product training, implementation and product management, and an entire career spent in the software industry, Simon keeps things humming through his skillful direction of Comalatech's business operations. When he's not spending time with his wife and two young children in Vancouver, Canada, you might find him with his nose in a book, or doing a bit of online gaming.

Simon stated on his LinkeIn profile:

"My philosophy has always been that to be truly exceptional in your career, you need to have a passion for what you do. My passion for all things technology related blossomed at an early age, and I have dedicated my entire career to companies on the leading edge of technology. Working with companies of all sizes, from start-up's to multi national corporations, I've had the opportunity to work in every area of a technology based company. And have loved every minute of it!"


  • Document Management in a Confluence-Based Intranet
Simon Herd

Simon is the Founder and CEO of ThinkTilt, the makers of the ProForma form builder for Jira. Simon is passionate about the power of Jira and recognizes as a key ingredient in bringing Jira to more teams.

When he’s not working on IT projects, Simon is busy with his young family. He also has a strong interest in supporting environmental projects in Australia, and is fond of eating Vegemite.

  • Good Form Design: Collecting Better Data in Jira
Simon Herd

Simon is the Founder and CEO of ThinkTilt, the makers of the ProForma form builder for Jira. Simon is passionate about the power of Jira and recognizes forms as a key ingredient in bringing Jira to more teams.

When he’s not working on IT projects, Simon is busy with his young family. He also has a strong interest in supporting environmental projects in Australia, and is fond of eating Vegemite.

  • Good Form Design: Collecting Better Data in Jira
Stefan Ernst

Stefan Ernst is head of Atlassian Apps at Bitvoodoo

With over 10 years of experience in the Atlassian ecosystem, Stefan has been managing large Confluence and Jira instances, as well as designing and developing apps for various companies.

He recently joined Bitvoodoo to lift their strong marketplace presence to the next level. With first-hand experience of complex analytics scenarios as well as challenges, big enterprise customers are facing nowadays, his goal this year is to help users navigate the difficulties of running Confluence at a large scale and getting knowledge to the right people.

XING profile

  • Analytics - Look behind the scenes of Atlassian Confluence with Viewtracker
Steve Elliott

Steve founded AgileCraft in 2013 to help leaders excel in their management duties through the use of agile to transform the way they do business. He is passionate about finding ways to help organizations scale all aspects of business operations.

Description from LinkedIn profile

"I am an established software executive with 20 years of technology experience in a variety of industries. I have been the CTO of several startups and have lead sales, support, services, strategy development, product management and engineering. I have lead several agile transformations including a large scale 50+ team agile transformation with 12 release trains at a large public company.

As of late, I am the Founder and CEO of a software startup based in Austin Texas that helps companies scale their agile development methods with products to facilitate agile forecasting, SAFe / agile assessments, multi-tiered collaboration, gamification and bottleneck visualization. I have a proven track record of leading successful teams, transforming organizations and optimizing strategic operations through focused leadership and the ability to stimulate innovation."

  • Scaling Agile in the Atlassian Ecosystem: Overview of possibilities and advantages of a flexible
Teddy Finn
  • How to keep your Confluence fast and clutter-free with ScriptRunner